• logo-livestone-2016
    …reconstituted stones
    for coating and flooring
  • logo-livestone-2016
    …reconstituted stones
    for coating and flooring
  • logo-livestone-2016
    …reconstituted stones
    for coating and flooring
  • logo-livestone-2016
    …reconstituted stones
    for coating and flooring
Shape with simplicity...

Create a simple and refined environment!
Some perspectives of a beautiful room, renewed with taste and refinement
thanks to Magnetic Floor utilization.
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of stone and brick...

Nowaday's Ecological Stones and Bricks, composed of natural raw materials, reduced on their consumption to aesthetics essentiality, as shapes and dimensions, have visual characteristics identical to natural stones and originary bricks.
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Decore your Home
Whit Live Stone

Send a picture of the room you want to coat...
And Live Stone changes it for you!

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Video Tour...
ideas for unique environments!

Video realized from Live Stone presents the wide range of ecological stones and bricks for coating walls, floors and much more both internally and externally!
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Show Room

Our Show room, in Via della Provvidenza 63 in Sarmeola di Rubano (PD), is available to everyone that is looking for solutions and suggestions in how to furnish its own…

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Become a LIVE STONE Distributor

The great diversity of products available on the market have created very exigent clients looking for original, innovative and high quality products… like LIVE STONE Ecological Stones and Bricks. Do…

Lay by yourself LIVE STONE reconstituted stone

Your clients ask you to furnish their houses with the warmth of LIVE STONE reconstituted stone? You have never made it and you do not know how to do it?…

Are you an interior designer, a project manager or a designer?

Are you looking for new material for you projects? Do you want to propose innovative solutions for your client to make exclusive their houses, business or place you are realizing?…

LIVE STONE for Veneto

The inundation occurred last November struck and damaged many families and business in some of Veneto’s provinces. Are you also reconstructing your house or your business? Contact us! LIVE STONE…


Are you a planner, an interior decorator or a designer?

Are you searching new material
for your projects?
Want to propose innovative
innovative solutions to your clients? Contact us


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