Who we are

Founded in 1999 from the venture of two people involved in the construction world, LIVE STONE grew fast distinguishing itself in the national market thanks to its innovative ideas for coating buildings and for its always growing sensitivity to ecological issues and environment topics. Thanks to a careful selection of our products, LIVE STONE is nowadays distributed in the best selling points in the national market. A show room particularly neat pertaining to the world of reconstructed stone for coating and flooring , located along the S.S. 11, is the most convincing window shop for anyone who wants to come by and know its original products. Beside it, a wide and provided warehouse, allows a prompt response to the client’s needs, wherever they are.

Our products

The company’s products are defined by the leading thread of ecological message and originality. LIVE STONE always explores the new sectors of construction and decoration with particular attention and preference for coating and flooring , both internal and external. Stones and Bricks on the front façade, have always been a characteristic of our houses, which, risen in a urban context more or less organized, reflect faithfully the roots and the culture of the area where they are built. The Ecological Stones and Bricks of the present time, composed of natural material, reduced in their consumption to the essentiality of aesthetic, as form and dimension, have visual characteristics identical to natural stone and original bricks. Being of limited thickness, transpiring, insulating, robust, ecological, can be applied both to already existent and new surfaces, without sustaining problems as their weight is reduced. With the right procedures, the laying can be realized on any kind of surface: bricks, wood, plasterboard and iron. A possibility that permits to range architectonically with solutions that otherwise would be expensive and difficult to realize. As a complement, we propose new ideas for the realization of false ceilings and flooring, permitting to furnish any kind of space, and accessory products, always in line with the company’s mission.

Our flooring collection, in reconstituted stone, permits to widen the horizons of the stone world, allowing to embellish with a touch of class the most varied realities.
They can contribute to furnish any kind of space, both antique or modern, because they know how to get through time and fashion, combining tradition and modernity as only a real classic can do it. They can move you deeply, blending inside them elegance and convenience, though maintaining intact the glamour and the warmth that only stone surfaces can transmit.

All LIVE STONE products inherit, gather and propose decennial productive experiences from all over the world and have the advantage of the practice in applying at any latitude. The chromatic elements present in each shade/model of LIVE STONE products are various, changeable and constitute undoubted element of quality and luxury of a manufactured article comparable to Natural Stone Coating and Flooring. The nuances in the shades are particular of each model and are not transferrable from one model to another. The shapes, thickness and shades of the models, inferring from the pictures presented, must be considered merely illustrative as they are a result of many peculiar conditions present where they were applied.


A partial and confuse information has made many people believe that ecological material mean only those “naturals”, to which is associated the evaluation of “good”, while those materials produced industrially is associated the evaluation of “bad”, or at least not ecologic. The ecological message in the choice of the products available, from one side giving special attention to their composition, from the other taking consciousness of the indiscriminate use of natural resources, always more restricted, has increased the company’s wish to propose alternatives that combine aesthetic sense, toughness, resistance, easy availability and cheapness.


…reconstituted stones
for coating and flooring

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